Pre-Assessment: Aiding the Transition to Math 10Common

25 Mar

In an effort to gauge the readiness of Grade 10 students as they enter Math 10 Common, the following is a task that can be used in first week of classes.   The goal is simply to establish a baseline of where each student is at as you begin to teach them their first High School Math Course.

The tool can be used as a means of establishing communication between the teacher, student and parents.     Read the first page of the task to get a deeper sense of what was intended.

** disclaimer: This is the first draft of this document and so it is likely to have errors.

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One response to “Pre-Assessment: Aiding the Transition to Math 10Common

  1. josienagtegaal

    June 26, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    I am looking for volunteers in the division who would like to use this task in the first week / two weeks of Math 10Common. I would like to come out and team-teach the task and then spend some time analyzing the results. The goal of the task is to make a solid plan for students right at the beginning of the semester. If you are thinking of giving this task, email Josie at


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