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For all courses, the activities on this site  are sorted into five broad categories.

  • Introductory Activities – Activities that could be used to introduce a topic and that will hopefully engage students in that topic.
  • Learning Activities – Activities designed to have the students learn a topic with the teacher acting more as a guide than a lecturer.
  • Problem Solving Activities – Problems presented in compelling ways.
  • Review Activities – Review activities assume that students already know something, and need to practice it a little. These activities help students review a topic in a more engaged way than practice tests or worksheets. Most are designed in some way to have students communicating with each other.
  • Performance Assessments – Assessment tasks intended to be summative in nature that put the student in an authentic role and that are more open than traditional assessments.

This is not a tool for Multiple Choice assessments, worksheets or standard notes packages.

If you are looking for some variety, this is a great resource.

I (Josie) would be happy to come out and spend a morning going over these tools with you.   Drop me an email at

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