Performance Tasks

As a division we have been working towards a more authentic style of assessment in our classrooms.   It is true that at the end of the day, our academic Math students (Math 30-1 and Math 30-2) need to write a Multiple Choice style Diploma Exam; however, this does not necessarily mean that our assessments need to 100% mirror this.

According to the research and work of Damian Cooper (Talk about Assessment: High School Strategies and Tools) “triangulation is important in maximizing the reliabiliyt of our assessments“.  “Triangulation of data is an important asessement concept maintaining that teachers, whenever possible, should base a grade on at least three pieces of evidence“, and these evidences should not be identical in style.


Process Rubrics (Marian Small)

Illuminations from NCTM Webpage has a inventory of performance tasks and lessons to help “activate” your lessons.    click here for the link.

Posted below are some of the Performance Tasks that teachers at PWSD have used. 

* These tasks are still works in progress.  Feel free to use & adapt.  Any feedback you have is always valuable!

** Some are built by teachers at PWSD; others have been used/adapted from external sources.

Math 10 Common

(Measurement) [outcomes: Trigonometry, Units of Measure, Volume]

Critical Challenge Prompt:  Decode the Puzzle & Rework the Piece

Performance Task Golf altogetherGolf Task Diagrams

(Relations and Functions) [outcomes: Linear Equations, Systems of Equations (graphical & algebraic solutions)]

Critical Challenge Prompt: Judge the Better or Best

Performance Task: Saving to Purchase a Car

Math 20-3 (Alberta Math Curriculum)

(Relations and Functions) [outcomes: Slope, rate of change, angle of elevation]

*used from the AAC (Alberta Assessment Consortium) resources.

Performance Task: Slope

(Relations and Functins) [outcome:  Trigonometric Ratios, solving triangles, solving multiple triangles]

*used from an online resource

Performance Task: Trigonometry

Math 30 -1 (Alberta Math Curriculum)

(Relations and Functions) [outcomes: Exponential Equations, Exponential Graphs, intersection points, solutions, transformations]

Exponential Functions

(Relations and Functions) [outcome: classifying polynomials, factoring, determining solutions]

Polynomial Functions

Trigonometric Functions

Function Operations


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